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Community Group Information

Engaging in Community

Have you ever noticed how we have a need for community? As humans, we seem to have a desire to have relationships and spend time with other people. However, sometimes the community that we engage in doesn’t always satisfy. At His House, we try to have intentional community that breaks down our walls and barriers to form meaningful bonds. Check out one of our community groups where we strive to challenge each other as we walk through life together. Anyone and everyone is invited and encouraged to join us on any of these days and times, and we would love to have you!

First Year Group:

Sunday 7:30pm –  Middle House (1010 Knollwod Ave.)

Womens’ Groups:

Tuesday 8pm – South House (1018 Knollwood Ave.)

Wednesday 8:30pm – South House (1018 Knollwood Ave.)

Mens’ Groups:

Tuesday 8pm –  Middle House (1010 Knollwod Ave.)

Wednesday 7:30pm – Middle House (1010 Knollwood Ave.)

If you have any questions/concerns or to join a group contact contact us.

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