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How To Buy A Car

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Responsibilities of Having a Car

  • Car Insurance
  • Parking Permit (WMU)
  • Registration
  • Maintenance/Operating Costs

Example: Annual Vehicle Upkeep Cost

  • Insurance: $1200
  • Parking Permit: $300
  • License/Registration: $90
  • Operating Costs:
    • Gas – $1252 (estimating 10,000 miles per year).
    • Oil Changes – $200 (estimation)
  • Total operating cost for this vehicle: $3,042

Note: This DOES NOT include any car payments.

How To Obtain a License

  • You’ll need to pay $25 for the license (additional fees may apply)
  • Follow the Michigan Secretary of State’s 6-steps to obtain a license

How to Purchase a Vehicle

  • Places to Look: Craigslist, Car Dealerships, Individuals,,,
  • Things to Look for:
    • Finding a reliable car that is reasonably priced is the goal when car shopping. Websites like MSN AUTOS, and Edmunds are good resources for reviews and reliability.
    • will give you a report on repair information, number of owners, accidents, and vehicle location. This can be a good tool to use when looking at vehicles, but it does cost to use their service.
    • Prices: Kelly Blue Book and NADA
    • Insurance Cost: It is always a good idea to get a quote on insurance before buying a car. Find a local insurance agency and contact them, they will want the car make, model, year information to give you an estimate. Click here for local insurance representatives.

Note: Do not forget to include the 6% sales tax to your vehicle price, this will give you the total cost of your vehicle.

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